If I want to cancel my registration, will I get a refund?
No, we adhere to the standard racing industry policy. All entry fees are non-refundable. The entry fee for this year's event will not transfer to next year's event.

May I transfer my registration to another person (a "person-to-person" transfer)?
You may transfer from person-to-person up to ONE WEEK prior to the event. Transfer request must but sent to ITW. If you do not show up for the event and your entry has not been transferred, your entry spot will be sold during race day registration if available.

May I transfer my registration to a future event?
Yes, we will transfer to another ITW event within the same calendar year. Any entry fee difference between originally selected event and event transferring to will be charged to participant or refunded by ITW. Requests for transfers must be made a minimum of 48 hours before posted race start time. Posted race start times are listed for each event on general information page on ITW website. We will not accept race transfer requests within 48 hours of event start time or after the event.

What happens if the race is cancelled or rescheduled due to weather conditions, Act of God, terrorism, disaster?
We make decisions based on safety first. We work with local entities to make these decisions. Race courses and race dates will be altered as seen fit by ITW, Orange County Parks. Registrants in a postponed race will be transferred to the rescheduled date at no charge. If the new date does not work for the registrant, ITW will transfer to other available ITW within a twelve (12) month period. All entry fees are non-refundable.

How can I see my results?
Race day: Results will be posted near the check-in booth. They will be posted every 30 minutes after the first competitor crosses finish line and up to the awards ceremony. Results will be posted one final time after awards ceremony. Results will be emailed to all competitors within 24 hours of race day. Contact ITW with any corrections or challenges by Tuesday following the event. Final results will be submitted for posting to the ITW website by Wednesday at 8pm following the event.

I won an award (overall or age group), but didn't receive it. How can I get it?
Awards are given to the top 3 overall male and female and first in all age categories for men and women (see age group divisions). Awards will be given at event day awards ceremony only. If you have to leave early, let us know and we will verify your result and give you your award. If you leave without your award, you can pay to have it shipped. Contact ITW to arrange.

Is there a park entry fee?
There is a $5 park entry fee for the events in Irvine Park. No fees in the other race locations.

Where do I park?
For events in Irvine Park please follow the signs (ITW RACE) once inside the park gate. For other race locations please click on the map under the individual event for directions.  We always encourage carpooling.

Is there race day registration?
Yes, if the event is not sold out and race day registration is more expensive. Please register on our website, Active.com or download a registration form and mail it in. We order shirts in advance so we cannot guarantee that you will receive one or the correct size.

Can I volunteer?
Glad you asked! Contact the race directors at intothewildoctrailrun@gmail.com for details on volunteer opportunities. If your children need service hours for school they can get them here! We give our volunteers a free entry into one of our races.

Is there a course cut-off time?
Yes, it varies by event. If you feel that you will need to walk we ask that you start early when available. If you run a 15min/mile average pace or slower the early start option is for you. Check ITW website event information pages to see if an early start option is available.

Which course is good for my first trail race?
The summer 5k's and the 10k in Irvine Park is the course for beginners. The 9.2k in Black Star Canyon and the 12k in Limestone are moderate. The 21k and 30k in Irvine, the 28k in Fremont, and the 25k in Limestone are difficult and not recommended for 1st time trail runners.

Are the courses exactly measured?
No, trail running is not an exact science. We do our best to provide a close measurement for distance. We are within 1km of the posted distance. Weather may force us to change the course at the last minute.

How do I follow the course and will there be mile markers?
For first time trail runners you will need to be constantly aware of ribbons in bushes along the trail that mark the course. If you haven't seen a ribbon in a while turn around, you have gone the wrong way! There will also be arrows directing you where to turn. If there is an X marked on the trail do not cross it. That is the wrong way!

What fuel/fluids will be provided at the aid stations?
The typical aid station for the shorter distance will include water and an electrolyte. The longer distance aid stations will have water, electrolyte, orange slices, salty items, sweet items, and energy gel. The electrolyte and energy gel will be based on our sponsors.

Will there be awards?
All runners receive a shirt, medal, and an entry into our raffle!
Overall cash awards to top 3 male and female winners. Other awards vary from our partners.
Age Group Awards for 1st in their age group.

Age Group Divisions:
15 and under

Age Group Divisions - Summer run 5k's:

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